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Where else should you invest your social media efforts? Part 2

Where else should you invest your social media efforts? Part 2

Author Marketing TeamOn 23. Oct 2013

Here are a few more platforms that might prove worthwhile for any business to invest time and money on.


If it has got Google behind it, it has got to be big, right? Although often compared to FB, Google+ is nothing like FB. It is a great platform for connecting with people who share a common interest. For businesses this is great as it is easy to connect with people who share an interest in your product.


Pinterest is a photo sharing site that allows users to ‘pin’ images and create and manage theme based collections of images. You pin images to your board and your pins can be pinned and repined. Businesses can use this as a virtual storefront to promote their businesses.


This is another very visual platform. A picture sharing platform, it allows you to share photographs and short videos with the public and to disseminate these through the other social media sites. If nothing else, you can use it as an easy way to push your content through to other social media sites at the ‘push’ of a button.


A reboot of the microblogging concept, Tumblr allows users to share short, quick mixed-media posts. The sheer simplicity of the platform itself is reason enough to sign up with this amazing platform. Then of course there is the fact that it reaches a wide number of users and is a great mechanism for your business to reach out.


This is a great tool for your customers to let the world know that they are at your place of business and what they think of it. It’s a great way to generate word of mouth interest among people. If you are thinking local, be on Foursquare.

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