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The Impact of Social Media on Branding Businesses and Websites

The Impact of Social Media on Branding Businesses and Websites

Author Marketing TeamOn 20. Jul 2013

The use of social media is growing rapidly and we certainly don’t need to mention it, with Facebook affecting the lives of people drastically. Therefore we cannot deny the power of social media and of course the impact that it is having and can further have on the business of marketing. Different social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and lots more gives a huge opportunity and grabs the attention of the customers and simultaneously builds up a brand image as well. Social media also offers an opportunity to interact and connect with the customers. It not only promotes the brand but also drive traffic to the website. Of all the social media websites the most popular is Facebook. This social network is available in about 70 languages having about more than 800 million members worldwide, and about more than 425 million active users, monthly logging in with their mobile smart phones.

Many companies are afraid of these social media, there are employees who believe that this is a wrong thing, it is very much wrong to share information publicly and that it should be shared only privately, customers publicly saying negative things about their establishment and much other stuff like this. Well their concern cannot be denied it is often legitimate as because the employees and the customers, along with other brands, often makes negative remarks about a brand – especially if they have had a negative experience of a brand.

Well to make it simple how social media affects business there are some examples. For instance a Subway customer from say New York was innocently eating till he noticed a signature “Foot Long” sandwich, when he saw that the sandwich appeared smaller than it is advertised. What he did is simply measured the sandwich, and found out it was 11 inches long. May be just out of fun he decided to post a picture of this discovery of his on Subway’s Facebook page with the signature along with the message “subway please respond.”

Later this picture was seen by thousands of Subway customers, and that even resulted in sharing the photos all over the social networking site. Subway almost had a PR nightmare and therefore had to respond accordingly. That is what social media is today.

People may say Social media to be good or bad or ugly but what matters are firstly, what are your goals? What do you exactly want?  Want to increase brand recognition or just want the increase in sales and revenue or to improve customer service or maybe just to increase opt ins and the subscribers to your site, etc…? Once your goals are determined, it is easy to work accordingly. There are many social media management tools to be considered and can be taken into account, different types of media such as videos, blogs, articles, press release, local search and many more. But to create a useful and well known social media marketing plan, you will have to invest and need to have a better understanding what is possible with social media.

Though it certainly have some disadvantages as well. As traditional marketing teaches to broadcast the features and also the benefits of the masses and hopes that a great percentage of audience will purchase. This flawed methodology is carried over to social media and is one of the negative impacts that social networking sites is facing for businesses.  Undoubtedly what social media provides is one of the best media to engage and interact and communicate with others, make a brand for yourself and for your business as experts, ask questions, ask for feedbacks, write blogs, and methods to improve the brand. One needs to creative enough for it.

Along with a flawed engagement strategy also comes, the time consuming factor. There is one of basic negative impacts of social networking sites is that of course it’s free to use but it does take a lot of time to engage. In this century we can afford to spend so much time and more over this time generally costs some money, sometimes in the form of opportunity it costs, while at times hiring an employee, or at times out sourcing it to someone else.

Whatsoever we can’t deny its advantages. It’s simplicity in working. Like any other thing it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Every day we see new business marketing and publishing coming up through social media and if we do not move with the age and with the upcoming generation do not upgrade ourselves it would be difficult to reach up to people. Today social media is the best way to reach people.

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