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The Best Trends in Email Marketing Right Now

The Best Trends in Email Marketing Right Now

Author cyberwarriorOn 15. Jun 2016

Email marketing is steadily evolving. There are more recipients willing to see the relevant content in these mails. For businesses, this could only mean one thing and that is increase of revenue and more customer engagement. This also implies that businesses have work cut out for them.

Need not to worry; here are the best trends for email to help you reach out to more people than ever before.

1. User engagement focus

Think about investing time in a campaign in the market which nobody takes notice of. The companies of today are going through exactly that because most of the emails that they send out go to the customer’s spam folder. There is lots of Spam doing the rounds which is why you must know how you can keep away from being lumped along in with this.

Earlier, content filtering was a great watch to get a hold of spam. Spammers thereafter got even more creative and made good use of collapsing words. They would have @ replace “a” and did their best to outsmart the filters back then. Now, we have reputation monitors. These systems keep track of the user engagement. If one was to open it up, it was considered a good email. However if the customer didn’t read these emails even from legitimate brands, the mails would end up in the spam folder.

2. Transactional email: The untapped money maker

The transactional mail is one very common aspect of business. We all like to get alert, receipts and shared information. Many companies have not been making the most of making a warm introduction. Such emails allow the business to introduce itself and let you convert a potential client. These messages however haven’t been taken advantage of. In fact many experts say that if you don’t make the most of this, think of the opportunity as a failed one. Using such email streams, will inject more revenue and give you more conversion opportunities.

3. E-mail is very different from other marketing channels

Nowadays there is a 1 in 4 chance that the email you received is spam. To make sure your email reaches the recipient it is important for the marketing campaign to be created using a Golden Rule – Consider each and recipient in the same manner that you would like to be treated. Direct marketing requires you to lend a personal touch and provide the customer with the right information of you want to impress them.

4. Security is important

People will not purchase from you if they know you are involved in phishing scams. In case you do have an attack of this sort, you might as well say goodbye forever to your customer. At least half of them in the days ahead, will not buy from you. As a marketer one must keep up with new monitoring methods to protect their brand from phishing. The more prevalent, DMARC is providing a great way for people to detect if someone is sending out phishing emails that look quite like your company. If one were to get a hold of such information more quickly, then they have an improved chance to stop and prevent the worse from happening.

5. Real-time data needs to be unique

With the advancements in technology, relevant information has become our new normal. One needs an email marketing campaign that segments emails to focuses segments. One needs to be able to provide specific updated content to each of their recipients. Content has and always will be king. One needs to make sure that the email they send out is content rich and brings value to the customer. The email you send to the recipient should be unique.

Email users have now become savvier and have higher demands from brands. If you can see the challenge ahead and make the most of email marketing services, you could successfully manage to establish a relationship with loyal customers. Giving the customer what he wants will also help your email campaign do well.

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