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How to Fix your Website Issues in Search Engine Viewpoint.  Find the Importance of SEO Analysis in Search Engine Optimization

How to Fix your Website Issues in Search Engine Viewpoint. Find the Importance of SEO Analysis in Search Engine Optimization

Author Digital wavesOn 24. Nov 2016

The Search Engine Optimization process needs meticulous efforts to identify the problems associated with a website while looking for possible solutions to fix such issues.  So the first focus should be to get accurate insight of problems associated with a website.  SEO Analysis is the first step in this direction.  SEO analysis provides benchmark for comprehensive identification of problems associated with a website.  The three classifications as given bellow categorize issues and give an indication to address such issues effectively:

  • Common SEO Issues: This class contains wide variety of issues but the main points are listed out as follows;
  • Right keywords present in the site as well as Meta Title
  • Description of the web page
  • Insertion of Robots.txt
  • Presence of Sitemap
  • Handling of Broken links
  • Presence of SEO friendly URLs
  • Adding of Google Analytics script
  • Absence of JavaScript error
  • Options to connect via social media


  • Speed Optimization: Following criteria can be considered for speed optimization
  • Keep HTML page size under the average size of 33 Kb
  • Maintain site loading speed under the average of 5 seconds
  • Flash objects should not be present as it does work well on mobiles and difficult for crawlers to interpret
  • Minified versions of JS and CSS files


  • Mobile Usability: This feature is very important and mostly due to the recent advent of digital era that is witnessing a surge in the range and variety of electronic devices to access the internet. Responsiveness of a site to adapt to these devices turned out to be prime focus of webmasters of late.  Media Queries is generally used T=to achieve this goal of implementing responsive design functionalities.


Media queries should be used by site to make it responsive to a range of screen sizes like smartphones, tablets and laptop and desktop computers.  This will increases the robustness of the site to effectively deliver contents on any device without altering the website design.

With the advent of digitization of marketing it has become necessary for any website to look into its SEO aspects so as to leverage against its competitors.  This in turn has made SEO companies to regularly look into new technologies to help its client thereby increasing the vigilance of search engines.

SEO Analysis, therefore, provides a handy method to quickly gain an insight of the issues to address for a site’s SEO process.  While the whole optimization part is not an overnight work but SEO Analysis illuminates a proper path to do it.

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