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Why is Field data important for sales growth?

Why is Field data important for sales growth?

Author Digital wavesOn 18. Jan 2017

As a marketing manager, you will have a team of people who go out on field. These people will be out to sell products and services for that particular company thus leading to increase in revenue.

Every sales Member will have their own targets and set of clients. Field data is the data about the client, their contact information, their opinion about your product, their buying capacity, information on competitors etc. which are very crucial information for the sales team members.

A Quick Example

We can take an example of XYZ Company limited that specializes in selling computer hardware. They have a team of 10 sales people who on a daily bases visit a minimum of 10 clients each. Every sales person has a target to generate a particular amount of revenue for the company.  Here it will be challenging for the manager to get complete understanding of what feedback his team is receiving from the field and how to help them handle these feedbacks.

Taking the example shared above, it can be seen that 100 clients per day and it is of utmost importance that every feedback from the client is not missed. This is because client feedback will give an understanding to the sales person and manager on how to take things forward with the prospective client.

A situation can arise whereby Client A says he wants 100 printers with a discount price whilst Prospect B says he wants 200 laptops of the same brand and model. This means that it is the responsibility of the marketing manager and operating manager to ensure this requirement is delievered without missing any details.

Failure to get / follow up on this information or missing out on any feedback will mean missing revenue because it might upset a client and the entire deal can go to a competitor.

There may be a situation where out of hundred, 50 prospects will give a feedback that says, “meet me after a week,” “Call me in two days.” Therefore it is vital for the sales person to record these details without fail and do the necessary follow ups. This not only creates a new customer base but will also give positive results in generating revenue and sales.

Digital Waves Africa, has a one-time solution for all these issues faced by the field team members and their managers. It is an application called “The Working Day Suite”.

One feature in the Working Day Suite Application is known as the “Planner Feature,” which allows a sales person to create a new client and fill the respective feedback on selected form and submit it. The report will be sent to the manager as an email and eventually the Sales or Marketing manager will be able to extract a full report on Ms Excel or PDF daily, weekly, monthly and any specific custom duration.


Key benefit of this application is that it will ensure all feedbacks are instantly reported in the office and it is easy to get the final report end of the day / week / the specific selected duration. Sales people do not have to waste time to compile the reports.

Another feature is known as the “order feature,” where once an order is placed as per the catalogue for a specific client, the details reach the main office or the reporting manager and it is recorded. Therefore, it saves time for the sales person to return to office or make extra calls to inform about the order. An email is received by the reporting manager with the signature of the customer which can be the proof of the order. From this email and also from the admin panel, the manager can get real time information of the products ordered and the discounts granted so that he can immediately initiate the delivery process.

By efficiently monitoring and utilizing this real time information from the field will ensure there is positive sales growth and a better work culture in the organization. The managers can always assist the employees in need on a real time basis and also help them take quick decisions.

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