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How can digital marketing positively impact your business? (PART ONE)

How can digital marketing positively impact your business? (PART ONE)

Author Digital wavesOn 07. Dec 2016

In order to understand the impacts of digital marketing, we need to first understand the definition of digital marketing. Many people have the misconception that digital marketing is about e-brochures or e-flyers or simply digitalizing the olden marketing methods. However that is not the case, digital marketing is the term given to all online marketing strategies which includes;

  • Web design and development: An efficient and good website will assist in triggering both direct and in-direct sales for your business. Websites play a great role in establishing your brand. All necessary information can be shared to your potential customers without incurring major costs like printing brochures or booklets. Through websites it is more impactful to use other online marketing tools like SEO as it will increase traffic for the website and rank it in top most pages in different search engines.
  • Social Media Marketing: These days many people are active in different social media platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. These platforms build a pathway for every business to interact with their existing and potential customers as well as promote their brand. Over the years, people have reduced their time in reading newspapers and magazines. However the time spent on social media has risen considerably in the previous years. Information is displayed openly and there is more awareness of the business and its products to the right target audience.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Is also known as SEO, it is an essential tool to advertise your business. It assists in maximizing a particular businesses’ visibility and ranks the website in the first pages of any search engine. It also plays a great role to increase traffic for your website.
  • Pay per click methods of advertising: Here a particular amount is set for advertising. Thus, whenever a person clicks that link on the search engine the advertiser pays a particular amount. It is beneficial for businesses as a potential customer will click on the link and purchase a product or service worth $1000 whilst the PPC fee was just $3-$4.
  • Content Marketing: In this marketing tool specific content is created for the correct target audience. It plays a vital role in maximizing marketing efforts and it is a bridge of communication and trust between a business and its customer. Examples of content marketing include: SEO articles, online blogs, press releases and so on.

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