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Best Ways To Increase Sales Performance

Best Ways To Increase Sales Performance

Author Digital wavesOn 30. Jan 2017

Best Ways to increase sales performance

Sales, sales, sales! Is the backbone of every organization, this is where all the revenues are generated. In today’s competitive world everyone is racing to make more money and provide the best to their customer. Thousands of sales people are on the run to convince prospects to buy their product or service. However, not every organization can meet their targets. In the current market with economy crisis, competitors are providing similar products and services. Let us see how we can increase sales performance in every company.

Understand your Market

It is important to understand who exactly are the real users of your product or service. If you are selling stationary then you can target both schools and companies. If it is a service like online marketing you will have to understand who are the most likely to pay and have a budget for this particular company.

Prepare a realistic sales plan

This will include your goals for the month or first quarter. How many cold calls are you playing to make, how many visits will you do? Identify the location of the visits to avoid unnecessary transport costs. Set a target for a month.

Provide Samples/Demos

Clients are choosy. They will ask 1000 questions before purchasing something. Here it is wise to offer them a sample product or a trial period so that they can experience the benefit of the product and it is getting “free samples or trials,” always make the clients happy which means almost 80% sale is closed.

Negotiate wisely and Close the deal

Clients will always say, “We don’t have the budget. We can only pay a certain amount.” Here you need to be consistent on your price and only negotiate a small amount that you know is okay. Sometimes we can quote a little higher so that when a client negotiates we can come down to our REAL price.

Using the above method, sales people can achieve their targets and ensure overall sales are increasing. It is also necessary to be self –motivated and thrive to make sales happen. More than the features of the product, it is how we are presenting the product in front of the clients and showing them their benefits.

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