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Backlinks – Backbone of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies

Backlinks – Backbone of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies

Author Digital wavesOn 18. Jan 2017

Backlinks, also known as inbound link is part and parcel of SEO strategies.  This is also known as incoming link, inward link or inlink, in layman terms. Backlinks are generally considered as a reference to a website from another website via- click through links, non-click through links or anchor texts. Backlinks are considered as a vote from one website to another if these are click through links or anchor texts.

The search algorithm adopted by Google to rank websites has come as a great source of strength for keeping meaningful back links. Google’s page rank algorithm considers backlinks as an important factor while determining the popularity of a site. The backlink factor plays an important role of a website while leveraging its position in search rank.

The purpose of backlinks can be achieved via three methods:-

  • Click Through Links – These are the links (in the format http:// or https://) present in a host website which leads to a parent website upon clicking
  • Anchor Texts – These are the texts or keywords present in host website which can be clicked to access parent website. These texts are assigned a link via a small HTML code (<a href=”http://example. com”>My Keyword</a>)
  • Non – Click Through Links – These can be stated as links which don’t have any follow tags and are generally considered redundant in page ranking

There are few points to consider while establishing backlinks:

  • Root Domain – While it is considered good to have as many backlinks as one can have but backlinks from a single root domain will be considered as one despite the number of backlinks.
  • Low Quality Backlinks – Backlinks from spam sites or harvested sites have rather negative effects in page ranking. Also host and parent website should have similar foci to improve the quality of backlinks.  For example, backlinks from shoe blog to a electrical appliance website is unworthy and amounts to spamming of the website.
  • Keywords – Anchor Texts which have keywords related to search queries are considered the best to improve page rank of a website.

The advantages of backlinks are summarized as follows;

  • Backlinks helps in crawling a website quicker as search engine bots can easily find a site having widespread presence
  • Websites which are redirected from an organically searched site then the site is ranked higher. Thus backlinks improve the search ranking of website in organic search results.
  • Referral Traffic is important for websites as it has low bounce rate and backlinks boost referral traffic of a website

Thus importance of backlinks as a backbone of SEO strategies is noteworthy. The number of backlinks as well as the quality is also important while planning  backlink for websites.

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